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Greenfield Recorder/Tom Relihan
Seth Schoen '97 gave a talk on Internet privacy issues at the Deerfield Arts Bank on January 13. 
Schoen spent roughly an hour and a half speaking about the different aspects of surveillance, including hacking, wiretapping and geolocation of mobile phones, and their implications for the privacy of individuals. Schoen opened the talk with a question: How could someone find out exactly who attended the event that night? Attendees offered their theories, including social networks, trails of email correspondence between those who were planning to go with their friends, or just mere word of mouth, but the idea of using mobile phones, something nearly everyone in the room had in their pockets, proved to be Schoen’s preferred example. “It may sound a bit futuristic,” he said, “but it’s an actual technique, and it’s how mobile phone networks work.”
Schoen is currently living in San Francisco and working for the nonprofit digital civil liberties organization Electronic Frontier Foundation. Read more about his talk here.