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A screen capture from Jack Burnham's interview with "60 Minutes"

Jack Burnham '11 was featured on a recent episode of CBS News' "60 Minutes Overtime" as one of a group of five young entrepreneurs who are taking a double gap year between high school and college to pursue their own interests.

Thanks to a "20 Under 20" scholarship funded by billionaire Peter Thiel, Burnham and his fellow entrepreneurs were able to delay undergraduate pursuits in favor of individual projects. Burnham is writing a book about asteroid mining.

"I've been in the fellowship for almost a year now, and the difference in the way that I look at the world -- the way I interact with people -- is stunning to me," Burnham said during the "60 Minutes" interview. "I feel like a very matured and grown person."

Other fellowship recipients are interested in reducing the costs for lab equipment in biotechnology; development of alternative energy sources; building an electric car that operates with a forklift motor; and a rotating solar panel to follow the sun and optimize energy production.

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