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Arn Chorn-Pond '86 performing at Northfield Mount Hermon in 2009.

Arn Chorn-Pond '86 recalled his experiences during the 1975 Communist Khmer Rouge regime's control of Cambodia for author Patricia McCormick, who retold Chorn-Pond's story in the young adult novel Never Fall Down.

The book is about child survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime who came as refugees to the United States.

“Tears are for a purpose,” Chorn-Pond told New York Times writer Seth Mydans. “It hurts to talk like this. I have headache and stomach­ache sharing this story. But telling my story like this heals me. I cry a lot now. I’m addicted to it.” Read more here.

[caption id="attachment_540" align="aligncenter" width="206" caption="The cover of Patricia McCormick's novel "Never Fall Down," inspired by the experiences of child survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime, including Arn Chorn-Pond '86."][/caption]