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William R. Rhodes '53, chairman emeritus of the Board of Trustees of the Northfield Mount Hermon, is being honored with a the American Banker's Lifetime Achievement Award for 2011. In recognition of that award, American Banker's Rob Garver profiled the 76-year-old retired senior vice chairman and senior international officer of Citigroup and Citibank. In the piece, "In Crises, Rhodes Was the Man in the Middle," Garver quotes from Banker to the World and describes Rhodes as " a veteran of multiple global financial crises" and "the go-to negotiator for leading major sovereign debt workouts in countries around the world."

One of Rhodes' earliest challenges came during the 1970s when he was working as the head of Citibank's operations in Venezuela. As Garver writes, "the determination and grit that Rhodes showed in Venezuela, along with his ability to parlay a deep understanding of the culture into a successful business strategy would set the stage for his handling of many crises to come."