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Dogfish Head Craft Brewery has garnered top marks in a "Best Beers of America" poll by Zymurgy, a publication of the American Homebrewers Association. The poll included 1,306 different beers from 433 breweries.  With Dogfish beer tied for third, 16, 34 (twice), and 38 on a list of readers' top-ranked beers, the alumnus-owned company was crowned top of the list of breweries. "Brewery rankings are based on total votes received by each brewery's beers," the Zymurgy blog post noted. "This year's top brewery, by a landslide, is Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, Del." Dogfish was also named number one in list of top portfolios, with 28 of the company's beers receiving votes. Dogfish Head is owned by Sam Calagione ’88. Read more.