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Carr '93 Leads Red Sox Nation

Galen Garr '93 was featured in a Seven Days article about the Red Sox nation and the team's scouts. An excerpt of the article:
Carr grew up a Sox fan in Walpole, N.H. — or, as it’s known in the Nation, “Carlton Fisk country.” He started playing ball at an early age and continued through college. Indeed, he still maintains a ballplayer’s athletic physique. Carr went to Northfield Mount Hermon in Massachusetts, the same boarding school that Buster Olney, now a senior baseball writer for ESPN The Magazine, had attended several years earlier. Olney and Carr now cohost an annual baseball discussion at the school each January.

NMH "Best Decision" for Diego Medina '11

Diego Medina said that choosing to attend NMH wasn’t an easy decision. But, as he told a reporter for  the Visalia Times-Delta, it was “one of the best he's ever made in his life.” Medina  earned a full-ride Division I scholarship to play at Boston College. According to the paper, leaving his hometown of Lindsay opened doors for Medina, such as the opportunity to join the FC Greater Boston Bulls, a United States academy soccer team that traveled throughout the country to play top-flight competition.

Anderson Goes From Dutchman to Washington

Steve Anderson, a first baseman for the Albany Dutchmen, was profiled on The article, "Dutchmen hitter gets dialed in", mentions that Anderson attended a year of prep school at Northfield Mount Hermon and that he plans to  serve an internship at the U.S. Department of the Treasury in Washington, D.C. According to the Times Union, Anderson was hitting .400 with two homers and 12 RBIs for the Dutchmen.

Maine Contributes to Allegheny Winning Season

Brennan Maine '10 made "a solid contribution" to the winning season at the Allegheny College (Meadville, PA) Women’s lacrosse team, Foothills Media Group reported on June 2. The team had a 12-6 record, the website reported, including 4-2 for a second-place finish in the North Coast Athletic Conference, losing to Wooster in the semi-finals. The article described Maine as "the team’s third-highest scorer, with 41 goals and seven assists, scoring the winning goal in four of her team’s 12 wins." Read the full article here.

Former NMH Coach Heads to Penn State

Former Northfield Mount Hermon coach Josh Brandwene has been named the first varsity women's coach at Penn State, according to the Hartford Courant and the American Chronicle.  Brandwene has coached at Kingswood Oxford School in West Hartford, Conn., Delaware, Northfield Mount Hermon and Farmington High. In a profile of the coach, Penn 's sports website,, described Brandwene as a "veteran coach, former Icer and ACHA Hall of Fame inductee... [who] brings 20 years of coaching and administrative experience at the international, collegiate and prep school levels to Penn State."