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The Harvard Crimson published a profile of Ablorde Ashigbi '07 on May 19, highlighting the NMH alumnus' work in education reform as well as in improving public health and business opportunities in Africa.
Although he grew up in the United States, his father comes from Ghana and his mother from Gambia, both in West Africa. Ashigbi himself has lived in big Northern cities — New York and Cleveland — and the small Southern town of Tyler, Texas. The Quincy House senior said it proved a bit jarring to visit Sierra Leone last summer...

As a member of Students Taking on Poverty (STOP) and the African Development Initiative (ADI), Ashigbi has spent much of his Harvard College career trying to make a difference for people in places like Sierra Leone. His work has helped to improve public health and business opportunities in Africa, and has given him and his classmates a chance to explore different approaches to education reform here in the United States.

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