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Nationally acclaimed artist Anna Schuleit has created a new work called Just a Rumor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. According to a university press release, the work is a "three-story-high, upside-down portrait of a face. When the portrait's reflection is viewed on the surface of the adjacent campus pond, the image is inverted, producing a double-portrait: the upside-down original and the right side up reflection. The painting will measure approximately 30' x 40', nearly 1200 square feet, and will be executed in acrylic paint."

Schuleit is a MacArthur Fellow and studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. She has received numerous awards and has also received much critical praise for her major installations such as Bloom (2003) and Habeas Corpus (2000). To read more about Schuleit on the UMass website, click here.  Schuleit was also profiled in this article by the Daily Hampshire Gazette. Please note that the Gazette's site requires user subscriptions.

An opening reception for Just a Rumor is September 10, 5-7 pm at UMass, and is open to the public.