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The following is from Dylan Brody's fan newsletter:

Dylan Brody will be performing at a terrific fundraiser in March and he wants everyone who can to support this cause.  Also, he's on the bill with some good friends and terrific performers, so even if you don't care about the cause, you can get to see Brody, Rick Overton, Paula Poundstone and Kelly Carlin.  So here's all the info on that:

Betty and Stanley K. Sheinbaum invite you to a rousing discussion about a little known federal law that singles out one group of protesters...your cause could be next! Co-hosts: Aris Anagnos, Ed Asner, Marylin Bitner, Bob Chartoff, Carol Coote, Lila Garrett, Jan Goodman and Jerry Manpearl, Ady Gil, Jay Levin, Dorothy Reik, Tim Robbins, Cheri Shankar, Eric Roberts and Eliza Simons, Jamie Wolf.

Come learn about this outrageous threat to your Free Speech Rights. People who have protested against animal abuse have been arrested by the FBI and charged with felony terrorism, carrying a 5-10 year prison term.  What’s to stop them from using the same law to go after anti-war groups, pro-choicers and others? Only you, fighting back alongside us!

The event will be held Thursday, March 11, from 6-8 pm at 345 Rockingham Ave., Los Angeles.  The speakers will be: Robert Bloom on behalf of the National Lawyers Guild Foundation, Stephen Rohde, Chair of ACLU Southern California. Comedy by: Dylan Brody, Rick Overton, Paula Poundstone. Performance by: Kelly Carlin.

The cost is: $100 Free Speech Ally, $250 Free Speech Guardian, $500 First Amendment Guardian, $1000 Civil Rights Guardian, $2500 Bill of Rights Hero, $5000 Constitution Hero. YOU MUST RSVP or 818/667-3681

Can’t attend? Please consider a tax-deductible donation to AETA Defense Fund, c/o National Lawyers Guild Foundation, 132 Nassau St., Suite 922, NY, NY 10039