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Vidal Meriç's journey to Nepal is chronicled in Jennifer Eaton Gökmen's article, "Volunteering in Nepal: Student Journey to the Top of the World." The article describes how Meriç '09 visited a monastery and then taught English to 88 elementary students. The journey was so inspiring that author Gokmen is planning her own trip to  Nepal in 2010.

Volunteering in Nepal: Student Journey to the Top of the World

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Jennifer Eaton Gökmen

This past July, Istanbul International Community School, or IICS, senior Vidal Meriç found himself in the Solu Khumbu district of Nepal in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, knocking on the door of the 500-year-old Pema Chholing monastery. No one was expecting him. Even so, he was warmly welcomed and stayed there for two weeks while volunteering at a village school located a 30-minute hike away. For Vidal, this five-week journey to the top of the world continued as spontaneously as it had begun.

Vidal’s inspiration for the trip came the previous May, when Peter Dalglish visited IICS. Dalglish, the founder of Street Kids International (, was in Istanbul to share his program and to encourage schools like IICS to develop a high school scholarship program to sponsor tuition and boarding for one or two students in Dalglish’s program. His success stories from similar ventures at other IB schools have included a number of Dalglish’s kids receiving full scholarships to Ivy League colleges and top universities following their high school graduation from international schools in Europe.

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